Xiaomi Black Shark 10000mAh Quick Charge Power Bank

৳ 2,599

Capacity : 10000mAh Power bank

Quick Charge : 18W fast charge support

Input : USB-C interface

Output : 2 x USB-A interface

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Xiaomi Black Shark 10000mAh Power Bank: Appearance, specs and features

From the appearance, the black shark two-way fast charge mobile power supply and black shark 2 Pro put together very much. Black Shark Mobile Power inherits the cool X design of Black Shark, has a shell in armor and, like the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro, has a green breathing lamp, which is not a simple decoration, but a light.

However, it is wrong to think that it is just a cool look, and its own configuration is among the best. The black shark two-way fast charge mobile power supply has a capacity of 10000mAh, supports 18W fast charge, one port in and three ports out, and the Type-C interface supports both input (charging) and output.

Xiaomi Black Shark 10000mAh Power Bank: Teardown

First remove the Black Shark 10000mAh Power bank with 18W fast charge support plastic strips from the two shells.

The shell is fixed by two screws, the screw is removed, the shell is removed, and the interior is connected by clasp.

The cell spray code is: CSD 3.7V/10000mAh/37Wh.

The PCB of the power bank is fixed with two screws.

Between the bottom cell and the shell, there is also a layer of black sponge to buffer.

There is a thermistor on the side of the cell to detect the temperature rise of the cell.

Remove the PCB and the cell and see that the back of the cell is fixed to the shell by a white double-sided adhesive, and a separate small lamp board is affixed to the back of the cell.

Six LED lights form the color light effect in the middle of the mobile power supply, and six LED lights are connected to the PCB through a separate arrangement.

USB-A interface, USB-C interface, USB-A interface close-up.

PCB A side, this side is mainly mobile power control, single-chip microcomputer control chip, power switch and part of the MOS tube.

The main control chip of mobile power supply, Yingji core IP5328P, integrates the functions of voltage lifting and protocol identification.Due to high integration and few peripheral devices, IP5328P is very suitable for small size PCB design. At the same time, the British Core IP5328P also integrates the QC2.0/ QC3.0 output fast charging protocol, and has passed the QC3.0 Qualcomm certification, certificate number: 4788056908 2. Integrate FCP, AFC, SFCP, MTK PE, USB C DRP, BC1.2 input / output charging protocols. It is worth mentioning that IP5328P not only supports PD3.0/2.0 quick charge, but also PPS can be adjusted freely from 5 to 12V.

We have learned that the Black Shark 10000mAh Power Bank using Yingji core IP5328P include Tencent Red Rabbit Horse Mobile Power supply, Pinsheng TS-D245 USB PD Mobile Power supply, Yubo 20000mAh PD Mobile Power supply, Huamei M10 Mobile Power supply, OLODO CS3-PD18 Mobile Power supply and so on.

No standard single chip microcomputer, used for LED display control.

Six 8205A MOS tubes and DW01 are combined to form a battery protection board with multiple holes to assist heat dissipation.

DW01 lithium protection IC.

PCB B side list, mainly patch inductance, electrolytic capacitance.

2R2 patch inductor, surrounded by glue fixed.

Electrolytic capacitor, specification 16V 220uF.

Overvoltage protection chip next to USB-C interface, Shanghai Weir ESD5641D15. Prevent overvoltage damage to internal components.

The disassembly is complete.