Remax CC-301 3.6A Car Charger

৳ 300

Brand: REMAX
Model: CC-301
Colour: White
Material: ABS Plastic
Output Interface: 3-Ports USB Output
Input: DC 12-24V for all car use
Output: 5V/1.2A x 1Port; 5V/2.4A (2Port MAX)(Interingent Charging IC in it)
Power: 5V 6A / 30W

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Product Details :

1.The use of high-quality alloy material. Bilateral slip shrapnel, antioxidant, more flexible, more compact size, avoid because of emergency brake or bumps to fall;
2.Using top intelligent technology, intelligent identification equipment internal charging management chip, the best output current, super compatibility, digital equipment, 99.9% of the market;
3.8 Protection function: intelligent anti overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, leakage, short circuit, overcharge, over temperature protection with multiple internal voltage protection module, physical and intelligent chip rectifier, the charging safety and stability;
4.speed charging, reduce the waiting time, each vehicle USB intelligent charging port are equipped with intelligent fast charging automatic matching optimal current, intelligent power, charging more saturated, faster, high safety;
5.3 Equipped with 1.2A USB charging interface, intelligent allocation of current management, can also provide 3 sets of digital equipment fast charging, plug and play, full power;
6.Figure. Compact, portable fashion, small occupied space, easy storage, is your car travel companion.